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Label 56 Podcast
Independent Music For Independent Minds
Category: Alternative
by Label 56
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July 19, 2015 05:27 PM PDT

This is 16th episode of the Label 56 Indie Radio Show! This is the show we do to promote the worldwide music scene as well as update you all on what`s in stock at Label 56. As we tend to play a lot of what`s new in stock todays show features quite a bit of black metal and Pagan metal. There`s also a little RAC and hardcore. On todays show we`ll also be playing some BRAND NEW music from both Hiraeth and Wotanorden so definitely check it out. You can find out more about these bands as well as pick up their music at www.label56.com The complete list for today`s show posted here: http://www.label56.com/2015/07/july-2015/

Todays Track List:

01. Hiraeth- Blood Wolves
02. Kriegs Legion- War Bastard
03. Bloody Memory- You`re Dead To Me
04. Krada- Wild Hunt
05. Svolder- Deviant Rituals Of The Sand Orphan
06. Gorlock- Shadowless Healing Whispers
07. Witchblood- Alchemy
08. Leichenzug- Tod In Der Kammer
09. Libertin- WSA
10 Manson- Misanthrop
11. Bluetzegen- Dem Feind Entgegen
12. Dark Fury- The Path
13. Gaskamer- The Door
14. XxX- Sommerloch ’06
15. S.O.S.- Безразличие (Indifference)
16. Wotanorden- Summoning The Beast Within

April 18, 2015 03:16 PM PDT

This is 15th episode of the Label 56 Indie Radio Show! This is the show we do to promote the worldwide music scene as well as upate you all on what`s in stock at Label 56. Todays show is a solid mix of Pagan metal, hardcore, Oi! and we also play several songs to promo the brand new From Vinlandic Shores compilation so kick back and enjoy. All of the music played today is currently available on our site at www.label56.com

01. Ravensbruck (From Vinlandic Shores)
02. Vinland Friekorps (From Vinlandic Shores)
03. Hvangur- The Birth Of
04. Thirteen (Slavic Hardcore Compilation)
05. Blooderevenge- Der
06. Bound For Intimidation- Set My Brothers Free
07. Spirit Of The Patriot- Punks Not Red
08. Piarevaracien- Blessed By Europa
09. Overload- One By One
10. Gendo Missile
11. Empire Falls- The Underdogs
12. Message In Blood- Spitting At Failure
13. Select your way - Thoughts About The Meaning
14. Deathskull- Aufrecht Sterben (Kreuzfeurer Tribute)
15. Perunwit- Ostatnia Droga Wojownika
16. Will To Survive- Survive
17. Attack- Degenerate
18. Skraelings Bane- I, Conqueror (From Vinlandic Shores)

January 04, 2015 09:52 AM PST

The first show of 2015! This is Label 56 Indie Radio, specializing in bringing you music blacklisted from the mainstream media outlets. Todays show is a mix of punk, black metal, hardcore and even some Identity hip hop so check it out for some wide ranges of music. All of the music played today is currently available on our site at www.label56.com If you have a band with a cd out and want us to stock your cd and play your music on a future show get hold of us at info@label56.com

01. surVIVors of the plague- Smash Their Control
02. The Yardbombs- Loose Screws
03. Macchina Targata Paura- Croce Di Ferro
04. Havoc-
05. Pushing Onwards- Breeding The Swine
06. Blue Max- Schon Etwas Her
07. Pro Violence- War Es Das Wert
08. Mic Revolt- Weg Zum Galgen
09. Aufbruch- A.M.O.K.
10. Burzum- Ea, Lord Of The Depths
11. Svarga- Smotri
12. Heathen Hammer- Call To Arm
13. Worth- Next Style
14. 1a Vanguardia- Donde Estan Mis Amigos
15. Burndown- Es Ist Zeit
16. Ulfhethnar- Here Returns The Wisdom Of The Black Storms

November 22, 2014 04:11 PM PST

F*ck the mainstream, this is Indie Radio!! Label 56 Indie Radio focuses on bringing you music from bands that mainstream radio refuses to play. In today`s show we play a wide range of styles starting out with a song from the awesome new release from post hardcore band Sober Charge. We also venture into some Identity Rock as well as Pagan Metal, black metal, death metal and even some country blue grass. Some commentary on the bands is included as well. As always find out more on our website at www.label56.com
Todays track list is

01. Sober Charge- My Fidelity
02. Kansas City Way- Me Ne Strafatto
03. Pride and Pain- Εκκλησιαστική Μπίζνα / Business of Church
04. Aggroknuckle- Fight Against
05. Wolfssang- Barbarossa
06. Mortuary- Maske Des Terrors
07. Rarog- Смерть Зверя Скипера
08. Racial Purity- Nature`s Revenge
09. Titania- Folk Mot Folk
10. Konkwista 88- Chasing after shadow
11. 2 Minutes Warning- Tag Der Gefangenschaft
12. Redneck 28- Betrayed
13. Titkolt Ellenallas- Rock n Roll
14. Locomotiva- Futebol 90
15. Germariers Rache- Yrue Duetschland Soldier
16. Symphony Of Sorrow- Forward
17. Hiraeth- Dead Sun

November 01, 2014 12:06 PM PDT

F*ck the mainstream, this is Indie Radio!! Label 56 Indie Radio specializes in bringing you music from bands that mainstream radio refuses to play. In today`s show we do a promo for the new Wellington Arms cd as well as play some good rock, death metal, black metal and more. Check our website at www.label56.com for more info

Today`s Track List:

01. Wellington Arms- I Hear The Lion`s Roar
02. Wits Dead End- Famous Last Words
03. Brokk- Ristat I Sten
04. Empire Falls- Iron Fist (Motorhead Cover)
05. Global Infected- Greedy Eye
06. Sokyra Peruna- Punch Distance
07. System Infarkt- Chaos
08. AMBS- Bad Mongo (Turbonegro Cover)
09. Ad Hominem- Ritual Of The Depraved
10. Seges Findere- Repulsing Episcopal Sodomites
11. Pushing Onwards- Nature Is Fighting Back (Path Of Resistance Cover)
12. Moshpit- Phoenix
13. White Devils- Those Times Are Gone
14. Hunting Season- Against My Will
15. Brainwash- Glorious Soldiers
16. Terrorsphara- Plutokratie
17. Spear Of Longinus

October 16, 2014 07:00 PM PDT

This is the Label 56 Indie Radio Show Episode 11. This is the show we do to promote the worldwide music scene as well as update you all on what`s currently in stock at www.label56.com Todays show has a wide range of music from Oi and rock to hardcore, death metal and black metal.

Episode 11 Tracklist:

01. Zurzir- A Vaz do Razao
02. Ubermensch- Lichter in Der Nacht
03. Wolfsblut- Niemals Knecht
04. SawCross Lanes- In This Moment
05. Sturmkaiser- Europa Pagana
06. Fyrdung- Corneliu Codreanu
07. Mass Destruction- Schuldig
08. 9 Val
09. Attack- Death Shadows
10. The Gits-Sluts And Booze
11. KZT- System
12. Respektlos- Du Bist
13. Martial- Prayer
14. Non divine- Sturmende Voten
15. Still Burnin Youth- La Vecchia Scuola

September 28, 2014 11:06 AM PDT

This is the latest Label 56 Indie Radio Show. Episode 10 is a quick show to promote some of the new music we have in stock on our site at www.label56.com and today`s show pretty much revolves around some good strong RAC along with some heavier varying styles of death metal, grind, etc. The intention is there to start making these shows more regular as well.

The track list for the show is

01.Featured Artist: Fight Tonight- Under My Hood
02. Major Disappointment- Handout Mentality
03. The Chosen Youth- Dying Nation
04. Empire Falls-KYLDD
05. L.S.H.P.- Katyn
06. Painful Life- Human Waste
07. Boris Britva- Domination
08. Hope For Weak- Nature Dies
09. White Wash- Cold Sweat
10. The Simple Men- Running In Night
11. The Simple Men- Dead Moment
12. Aryan Rebels- Fields Of Athenry
13. Romantikus Eroszak- Csak (Only A Dream)
14. March Or Die- No Reds
15. Shortcropped- Nobody's Tools
16. Stormtroop 16- Braces Up
17. Molot- Antiscum

April 28, 2014 07:22 PM PDT
itunes pic

This is the Label 56 Indie Radio Show for April 2014. This is the show we do to promote the world wide music scene and also update everyone with new items in stock on our site at www.label56.com This show has a pretty wide music range with plenty of various styles of metal from death core to black metal, some RAC, hardcore, industrial, and even Identity Rap. As always plenty of commentary as well as new release news.

Song List:

01. Saga- On My Own
02. Select Your Way- Где ты живёшь
03. Nebokray- Evil (From The Russian Tribute To Absurd Compilation)
04. Preemptive Strike 0.1- Slaves Of God (Ad Hominem Remix)
05. Terrorsphara- Gipfelwarts
06. Desolated- Hybrid
07. Ubermensch- Zug Um Zug
08. Endstufe- Lid Der Patrioten
09. Stimmen Der Vergeltung- Volkstot (Pommern Sampler)
10. Mein Gang, Ihr Untergang- Neusprech und Outdenk (Pommern Sampler)
11. Beyond Hate- Blood & Flag (Boots On The Street Compilation)
12. Skullhead- Townmoor Festival
13. Bully Boys- Wild Eyes
14. Toleranci Cero- Hippiecore
15. Blood Order Company- Knights Cross
16. Legion N Rap- N-Rap Identitat
17. Gipfelsturmer- Wenn die Sonne scheint
18. Sigrblot- Exiles Of The Golden Age
19. Bandeira de Combate & Kill Baby Kill- Rockin In Sao Paulao, Rollin In Brazil

January 05, 2014 04:21 PM PST
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Welcome to 2014! This is the first Label 56 Indie Radio show for the new year and it`s a good one. This show covers music all the way back to the classics like No Remorse and Pluton Svea to brand new music from Path Of Resistance and Stahlgewitter, both of which haven`t a cd release in over 7 years! Updates on new music releases as well as some talk about the bands being featured today. As always you can find out more on our website at www.label56.com

Track List:
01. Two Minutes Warning- Fictional Illness
02. Sterotyp- Auf Kurs
03. Hausmannskost- Deutsches Volk Wach Auf!
04. Stahlgewitter- Boten der Wahrheit
05. Path Of Resistance- Protect The Nature
06. Tomahawk- Take Back The Scene (From the new Label 56 release- It`s A Warzone, Baby!)
07. Hellenic Youth- Ancestors Worship (From the new Label 56 release- It`s A Warzone, Baby!)
08. Iron Will- Fight Tonight (From the new Label 56 release- It`s A Warzone, Baby!)
09. Survivors Of The Plague- MDC
10. American Pig- Hippies Are Sissies
11. No Remorse- Blood Against Gold
12. Sturmwehr- National Solidaritat
13. Pluton Svea- Solen Gar Upp
14. Ken McClellan & Invasion- I Believe In You
15. M.A.T. Project- Under The Gods (No Remorse Cover)
16. Hammer Of Hate- Krew I Zelazo
17. Panzerfaust- Stuka Pilot (Bound For Glory Cover)
18. Tars Oi!- Azt Hiszed...
19. L.T.W.- They Are Still Among Us (Archivum Tribute cd)
20. Macht Und Ehre- Religion
21. Burdown- Nie
22. Enharjana- Valdtakt
23. Muerta Y Calaveras- Reeclamando Mi Parte
24. Uberzeugungstater- Der Letzte Paukenschlag
25. Fear Rains Down- Poison Free

September 08, 2013 04:18 PM PDT
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This is the Label 56 Indie Radio show for September 7th 2013. This show features a wide variety of music from metal to Oi! to ballads and more. We`d also like to give a special welcome to Jesse from Deaths Head who will also be on the show to give a quick intro to his new project Arysan and what influenced him to create this cd. Also discussed are new and upcoming releases as well as various background info on the bands featured today. More info on our show and label can be found at www.label56.com

01. Low Life- Till I Die
02. 12 Golden Years- Revolte
03. Disbeliever- New World Order
04. Brainwash- Time To Act
05. Arysan- Arysan
06. Sans D'Encre- Une Flamme Dans Le Regard
07. Gladius- Dame Una Mas
08. Battlefield- Listening To The Foreign Hymn
09. Varg- Frugor Utan Svar
10. Veritas Invictus- Krieg
11. Razorblade Nightmare- Garbage
12. Down For Life- Living A Dream
13. S.O.L.- Rise
14. Scourge Of God- Diverzios Cionizmus
15. Fylgein- Mein Bruder

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